The power of eleven live events were the outcome of our creative partnership with our friends at PlayLab Inc. as well as the concerted effort and skilled determination of our friends at Rough Trade. We hosted a unique live event for every track on Sympathy for Life. The 11 events around the world each added a new tangible dimension to the tracks. It was amazing to see them all come together. We wanted to truly create a massive collaborative album from the way we wrote the songs, to the artists we worked with on the videos and live events and ultimately our gorgeous, loyal fan base! That’s right, I’m TALKIN about you, baby! Sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t so that we can all keep collaborating together with and for each other for as long as email exists! See you on the road this spring.

Walking at a Downtown Pace

Black Widow Spider

Marathon of Anger

Just Shadows

Plant Life

Application/ Apparatus


Sympathy for Life

Zoom Out


Tarot Card Marquee
Tarot Card Marquee